Attendees registration:

Registration for attending the conference will be free. Registration includes access to online presentations.

Authors registration:

Authors of accepted papers are invited to register to confirm their participation to the INCMS2021 to be held online. Following your registration, you will receive your invoice and acceptance letter.

How to submit your Payment:

Payment should be submitted to Ninevah Univseristy Presidency / Finance Department at Al-Jawsaq Campus or to the Ninevah Universtity Medical College / Finance Department at Mosul University Campus.

Cash payment is preferable, however if direct cash payment is not possible, please transfer the registration fee using this master card account number:
Master card account number: 7790849900
Mr. Siamand Ezzulddin

Please note that all transaction fees should be charged to the sender of the transfer and the receiver gets the full amount submitted by the sender

Online registration for INCMS2021 is now open, please register below:


INCMS2021 Online Registration Fees

Online Registration Fee Type



250,000 Iraqi Dinar


200 US Dollar

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